How Can I Make Money Helping People Get Over Anxiety & Depression?


Anxiety and depression make us feel like we are lost and like the world is turning or has turned upside down. You often feel as if there is no hope and nothing will ever get better. If you are anyone you know has experienced these feelings then you have experienced anxiety and depression. For the most part, we all have experienced these feelings. The great thing about it though is that there are methods in which you can use for yourself and for others that will reduce and completely eliminate these feelings. People will often seek the help of professionals in which they will get nothing more than some pills that mask the symptoms, however, do not do anything for the root cause or for the core issue. Maybe a traumatic event happened in which triggered these feelings and you may need to deal with that experienced and place it elsewhere in your mind. Every day there are thousands of people who are searching online for solutions to these problems and you could help them get over these feelings and make a profit at the same time.

How Can I Money Helping People?

I would start with creating a website in which you rank for terms such as “how to get rid of anxiety” and “how to overcome depression.” With these two terms alone you could get thousands of people to your website that are in need of your services. How do I actually help them? You can help them by recommending programs in which every time someone makes a purchase you get a commission. On your website, you can explain a bit about anxiety and depression and talk about their pain then offer the a solution to a program that will help them get rid of that pain. If you know of programs that help people solve these problems, I believe you have a moral obligation to do so. Yes, your making money off them but your providing a solution to their problems and making their lives better. You can search Google to find programs out there that offer commissions. I would also look on Clickbank as they have a huge selection of products.

How To Grow Your Basketball Training Business


If you are a personal trainer that trains kids, teenagers and adults then you need to read this. More often than not, most personal trainers will teach in a group setting which is great because you get to use your time very wisely and train many athletes at a time.  Another thing you can do is train athletes individually and charge them a premium price which will increase your revenues. You can also grow your business by sending direct mail letters to a list of athletes in let’s say an AAU league. These athletes are far more serious than your typical athletes that just play in the recreational leagues. You can also target a list of high school basketball players in nearby cities that want to improve their game. You also should look into adding more services to your menu.

What Other Services Can I Add?

Since your main focus is on the sport of basketball, I would look to add a program in which you train athletes how to jump higher so they can dunk. You can create a program with the name “how to increase your vertical.” You can charge $1000 for an 8 week program. You can create a set of videos online on a website going through the workouts and you can take in as many people as you want to go through the program since you don’t have to physically be there.

Another strategy you can use is to promote someone else’s products for a commission to your current customers. Let’s say you didn’t want to spend the time and record all the video training, well you could use a program such as VertShock to promote to your current athletes. If you would like to know more about this program, I would Google vert shock review to get an idea of what people are saying about this program. From the research I have done, this program looks to have great value and would benefit any athlete tremendously.


How To Grow Your Business Using The Power Of SEO


Are you a business owner that would love to have new leads coming in each and every day? Do you feel your marketing efforts are not getting you the results you expected? If so, then Search Engine Optimization is your new best friend. SEO, if implemented properly can get you amazing results, however, you need to understand that SEO is a process and you will most likely not see results right away. In contrast, Google Ad-Words which functions on a pay per click model will get you immediate results however you will have to immediately pay for each visitor even though you may not get a new lead or sale. The majority of searches and clicks come from organic rankings because they are seen as the highest authority. Just think about it, if you type in let’s say “seattle seo services,” you most likely are going to click on the first 5 organic results because they are seen as the most authoritative. Some people might click on the ad listings however very few in comparison to organic listings. This is something you need to take into consideration when thinking about a pay per lick model.

How Do I Rank My Website For My Keywords?

There are many factors that come into play when ranking your website. You first need to make sure you have your website properly optimized with the keywords that you want to rank for. So you if you want to rank for “website design services,” you need to make sure you have that in your content on your site. The next step would be to make sure your title tag has the keywords as well. This is the title that is shown in the search engines. I would also add the keywords into your meta description which is the information that is right under your title in the organic listings.  You then want to make sure you are getting inbound links that tell Google what your website is about. Let’s say you get an incoming link from a website that says “website design,” this tells Google what your site is about and helps gain authority to your site in which your site will rank higher for “website design.”