How To Find The Best Mochila Bags For Sale In Colombia For Your Business

Mochila bags originated in Colombia. They are handmade by members of the Wayuu and Arhuaca tribes. Both of these people descend from the northern part of the country. They are mostly from La Guajira and Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Mochila bags are extremely popular among the fashion conscious and are a trendy and affordable fashion accessory. To find Wayuu Mochila bags for sale, you only need to visit the nearest street vendor.

As you peruse the selection, you’ll notice that every bag is different. The artisans who make the bags choose the design to represent how they feel and a part of their culture. The designs will range from boldly beautiful to subtly classic. Each pattern is unique and you should choose one that speaks to you.

There are 17 types of patterns and images that are typically found on these bags. These patterns represent different things including fertility, the four corners of the world, lakes and mountains, animals and emotions.

The tighter the weave of the bag, the more likely the bag will last. Tighter weaves generally mean a higher quality bag. Some of the bags are very soft, yet still tightly woven and durable.

The most popular type of Mochila bag is the classic barrel. These bags are generally priced one of three ways. The first price is the tourist price which ranges from $33 to $54 dollars. The second price is the street price which ranges from $19 to $25 dollars and the third price is the negotiated price from a street vendor which is usually no more than 417 dollars. If you are very patient and comfortable negotiating, you can probably get your bag for less than $15.

Searching the city for Mochila bags for sale is the best way to find the perfect bag. Take your time and choose the bag that touches your emotions.